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Enjoy hassle-free composting with this streamlined process, all while playing a part in creating a more sustainable environment.


Sign Up for a Service Plan: Begin by selecting a service plan that suits your composting needs.


Schedule Pick-Up Day and Receive Composting Guide: Once signed up, we'll work with you to set a convenient pick-up day. You'll also receive a helpful composting guide.


Bucket/Bin Delivery and Filling: We'll provide you with a composting bucket or bin. Simply fill it with your organic waste at your own pace.


Compostables Pick-Up and Transformation: On your scheduled pick-up day, we'll collect your compostables. They'll then be taken to our site, where they'll undergo a transformation into nutrient-dense compost.

Our Reliable Composting Agreement With Customers: We make composting straightforward. Regardless of the quantity you generate, we're here to support you. Our services accommodate everything from small households to large businesses. Your materials are treated with the highest level of care. We ensure they are processed at our cutting-edge, rigorously permitted composting facility. Trust that your dedication to sustainability is well-placed with us.

Sarah Trombley,


Lunar Infusions Kombucha

“We are super excited to begin composting with Dirt Wain. 🙌 While I’ve always composted our food waste it’s going to be awesome to hand the job off to this awesome local business!"

Katie Fellman,

Fort Wayne, IN

"The monthly fee for this is not very much making this service affordable for just about everyone. Dirt Wain is a wonderful service to our community, I highly recommend them!"

Rose, Wabash, IN

“I live in Wabash and am so happy to have this service here, which makes composting so easy. I hope the word spreads and more people start using Dirt Wain. Great customer service. I just leave my bucket on my front porch and every Tuesday it is picked up and I get a clean bucket.”
Dirt Wain can handle yard waste, or large amounts of compost.

Pricing Plans

Select from monthly and annual plans for food scrap, yard waste, and pet waste pick up.



Our community has composted over 1.7 million pounds of organic materials since 2019.

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