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This is our complete guide to compostable, food-related items you can and cannot compost in Dirt Wain buckets and bins.


Please read carefully and consult first when you have questions. You can contact us if you do not find answers here. 


Any items not included on this list, or not prepared in the ways we ask, will be removed from your bucket or bin and left for you to dispose of.


  • Food scraps: spoiled food, meat, poultry, seafood, shells, bones, eggs, fats, cooking oils, breads, grains, cereals, vegetables, dairy, coffee grounds, pasta, etc.

  • Paper, wood fibre, & plant-based products: compostable salad containers, paper towels, paper bags, napkins, paper coffee filters, paper cups, cotton, cut up pizza rounds, compostable food packaging, wooden toothpicks, popsicle sticks, and skewers

  • Compostable plastic packaging, bags, plates, cups, and utensils—must be made from PLA, or be BPI or TUV Certified

  • Butcher paper made using wax or oil (make sure it is not made with plastic) and chlorine-free parchment paper—Reynold and If You Care brands are ones we suggest

  • Compostable bags (we prefer BioBag bags) meeting BPI, ASTM 6400 or ASTM 6868 standards


  • Single-use plastic bags or food containers not meeting ASTM 6400 & 6868 compostable standards—most yogurt containers

  • Diapers or sanitary products with any plastic liners or plastic materials

  • Dairy cartons, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, any cardboard or paper bags lined with plastic

    Produce twist-ties

  • Produce twist-ties, rubber bands, stickers, labels, any plastic pieces connecting food to a label 

  • Printed items like junk mail, that are full color, glossy, and coated, this includes pizza boxes, egg carton labels, magazines, news print

  • Wooden boards, lumber, and plywood of any kind

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