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We have a community organizing background that fuels our approach to developing culture around composting and healing the land where we live. By building relationships and partnerships, we’re able to create a network of individuals and organizations dedicated to reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Check out some of our most recent projects and see how we’re making a difference in our community today.

Community Funded Compost Truck


At Dirt Wain, we believe in the power of community to enact real change. That's why our compost truck isn't just environmentally-friendly, it's also community-funded. The names of our supporters, hand-painted by Justin Lim, adorn the side of the truck as a reminder of what we can achieve when we work together. 

Compost It Forward


At Dirt Wain, we believe that everyone should have access to sustainable waste management solutions. That’s why we created Compost It Forward, a fund that runs on donations to provide food scrap pick-up subscriptions to those who can’t afford them. Our projects aim to make this service accessible to more people, reducing waste and promoting environmental awareness.

Compost Lab


Our Compost Lab is a place to experiment at the intersections of ecology, art, science and culture. It will host projects, experiments, and ways of expanding our understanding of composting.

Annual Compost Festival


From 2022 onward, we've teamed up with Trinity English Lutheran Church to host an autumnal festivity centered around decay and compost. At this event, we collect donated pumpkins from the community, free of charge. These pumpkins serve a dual purpose: some head to Dick's Organics to feed rescued animals, while the remaining ones are directed towards composting. Alongside this initiative, we extend invitations to diverse vendors to join us in commemorating this celebration.

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