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We provide composting services for Utopian Coffee in Fort Wayne. Their coffee making process results in enormous numbers of surplus burlap bags. We help Utopian Coffee to find Circular Economy solutions for their waste streams. The bags are perfect for landscaping uses. They can be used instead of petroleum-based weed fabrics, which eventually break down leaving tiny pieces of plastic in your soil. The burlap bags will harmlessly degrade. 


Each bag is 28 in x 40 in. The bundle of 10 bags provides 75.9 sq ft of coverage.


Shipping is free if you use your TROTH (our loyalty program) Scraps. Sign up on our site and you will get 50 Scraps just for your efforts. If you are an existing customer and have already signed up, use points for this item.


This item is only available in our service area. If you order it and are outside our area, we will refund your purchase minus processing fees. 

Burlap Bag Bundles

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