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Launching Zero Waste Bags: Our New Recycling Collaboration with TerraCycle

We're thrilled to share an exciting update in our promotion of sustainability in our region: Dirt Wain has partnered with TerraCycle to bring an innovative recycling solution to our customers. We are offering TerraCycle's Zero Waste Bag recycling service. Available in small, large, and extra-large sizes, these bags are designed to tackle the challenge of recycling 24 specific waste streams that are often left out of local recycling programs.

Zero Waste Bags
Extra-Large Zero Waste Bag

Zero Waste Bags: What You Need to Know

With TerraCycle's Zero Waste Bags, we're making it easier to recycle more of what you use every day. Whether it's beauty product containers, snack wrappers, or other common items, these bags are your ticket to hassle-free recycling. Here's how it works: choose the bag size that fits your needs, fill it with one of the 24 types of waste TerraCycle can recycle, and place it beside your Dirt Wain bucket or bin on collection day. No extra scheduling required. If you are not signed up for a pick up plan, you can also participate by ordering a bag and purchasing a pick up when needed.

Bag Sizes to Fit Every Lifestyle

  • Small Bags: Ideal for individuals or small households. Perfect for collecting items like toothpaste tubes and beauty product containers.

  • Large Bags: Great for families or those with a bit more waste. These bags can handle a wide variety of items, including snack wrappers and plastic packaging.

  • Extra-Large Bags: Best suited for avid recyclers, large families, or businesses. These bags can accommodate significant amounts of recyclable materials.

The Impact of Your Recycling Efforts

By integrating TerraCycle's Zero Waste Bags into our services, we're offering a straightforward way for you to recycle more effectively. This initiative allows us to divert more waste from landfills by ensuring that hard-to-recycle materials are processed properly. It's a simple step you can take to help reduce the demand for new materials and support a more sustainable future.

Get Started

We encourage you to join us in this initiative. It's an easy and impactful way to enhance your recycling efforts and contribute to a cleaner environment. With the Zero Waste Bags from Dirt Wain and TerraCycle, you're not just disposing of waste; you're participating in a solution that helps keep our planet clean and green.

Start recycling the easy way with Dirt Wain and TerraCycle. For more information, and instructions on how to begin, visit this page.



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