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How composting those old Jack-O-Lanterns will impact the local environment

Synapsis of the video below: Trinity English Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is hosting a pumpkin compost fest on November 3 in collaboration with Dirt Wain local composting and Dick’s Organic Farm. The event aims to promote eco-friendliness and reduce landfill waste by encouraging people to compost their old Halloween decorations, particularly pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns. Rebecca Karcher, director of community engagement, emphasizes the importance of small steps in collective efforts to be better stewards of the environment.

Dirt Wain's founding manager, Brett Bloom, highlights the staggering amount of pumpkins discarded nationwide during this season and advocates for increased awareness about composting. He also underscores the detrimental impact of compostable material in landfills on Fort Wayne's air quality, as it leads to significant methane emissions. Additionally, the event offers opportunities for guests to enjoy bonfires, vegan options, food from a local truck, and games for all ages while contributing to sustainable practices.


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