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Composting for a Greener Future: The Dirt Wain Way

At Dirt Wain, our journey began with a humble homemade bike cart and a resolute dream: to make our region cleaner and healthier. Today, that vision has grown into a movement—a community united by a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Dirt Wain
Dirt Wain Helping Compost at EcoFest FW (image taken by EcoFest FW)

The Dirt Wain Story:

In 2019, we embarked on a mission to transform waste into a resource. Starting with just six households in a single neighborhood, we’ve since expanded to serve over 10 municipalities. Our core mission remains unchanged: to compost food scraps, yard waste, and pet waste, all while staying true to our roots and dedication to a cleaner planet.

Dirt Wain Composting—More Than Waste Reduction:

Composting isn’t just about reducing waste; it’s a critical tool in combating climate change. We’ve dedicated ourselves to spreading composting education far and wide, believing that collective action can create a profound impact on our environment.

Dirt Wain Composting - Compost Festival
Pumpkin composting at our annual Compost Festival at Trinity English Lutheran Church (image courtesy TELC)

Community Building Through Sustainability:

At Dirt Wain, we’re about more than bins and compost piles. We’re about building a strong, supportive community committed to leaving a better world for future generations. Through our annual Compost Festival, free pumpkin composting, and availability of finished compost, we aim to bring people together in the name of sustainability.

Dirt Wain’s Impact:

Customer testimonials echo the sentiment that composting with Dirt Wain isn’t just a service—it’s a movement. From simplifying pickups to expanding our recycling efforts to include hard-to-recycle items like plastic film, batteries, and corks, our commitment to innovation and service excellence drives our every step.

Join Us in Taking Climate Action:

Whether you’re a student, a retiree on a fixed income, or a family striving for a better future, we invite everyone to join us in the composting movement. Together, we can reduce our impact, leave a better world, and confront the climate crisis head-on.

Dirt Wain isn’t just a composting service; it’s a call to action. Let’s band together, compost our food scraps, recycle those hard-to-recycle items, and build a legacy we can be proud of.

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