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Composting With Dirt Wain Is Easy

Enjoy hassle-free composting with our streamlined process, all while playing a part in creating a more sustainable environment.

Step #1 - Sign Up for a Service Plan:

Begin by selecting a service plan that suits your composting needs.

Tip #2 - Schedule Pick-Up Day and Receive Composting Guide:

Once signed up, we'll work with you to set a convenient pick-up day. You'll also receive a helpful composting guide.

I feel the need to compliment and praise you for what you’re doing for Fort Wayne. [...] Your impact is profound, and I hope you get more participants, and soon. You make it so easy. I’m so pleased to stop putting plastics into the landfills. We are very happy. —C. J. Trotten

Step #3 - Bucket/Bin Delivery and Filling:

We'll provide you with a composting bucket or bin. Simply fill it with your organic waste at your own pace.

Step #4 - Compostables Pick-Up and Transformation:

On your scheduled pick-up day, we'll collect your compostables. They'll then be taken to our site, where they'll undergo a transformation into nutrient-dense compost.

That is all it takes!

We have worked hard to make composting affordable and easy to do. We have been perfecting our collection system for several years now. If you are ready to sign up, peruse our Plans & Pricing.

If anything is confusing, or you still feel like you don't know where to start, check out our FAQs, contact us, or leave a comment to this post.

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