Composting Guide

Below is our guide to those items that can and cannot be composted. If you have any questions about any items not listed, please do not hesitate to ask us about them.


  • Food scraps: spoiled food, meat, poultry, seafood, shells, bones, eggs, fats, cooking oils, breads, grains, cereals, vegetables, dairy, coffee grounds, and pasta
  • Paper, wood, & plant-based products: compostable salad containers, paper towels, paper bags, napkins, paper coffee filters, paper cups, cotton, cut up pizza rounds, compostable food packaging, wooden toothpicks, popsicle sticks, and skewers
  • Compostable plastic packaging, bags, plates, cups, and utensils—they will break down in our large windrow piles
  • Butcher paper made using wax or oil (make sure it is not made with plastic) and chlorine-free parchment paper
  • Natural fibers like wool and cotton (old socks and underwear) as long as they have no polyester or other plastic content: remove zippers, snaps, buttons, and elastic bands from pants and shirts
  • Compostable bags meeting ASTM 6400 or ASTM 6868 standards


  • Single-use plastic bags or food containers not meeting ASTM 6400 & 6868 compostable standards—most yogurt containers
  • Diapers or sanitary products with any plastic liners or plastic materials
  • Dairy cartons
  • Produce twist-ties
  • Printed items that are full color, glossy and/or coated