Food Scrap & Yard Waste Composting


TOTAL SINCE 11/20: 312tons
JANUARY 2022: 21tons
FEBRUARY 2022: 19tons
MARCH 2022: 29tons



We offer food scrap and yard waste composting for households and businesses in the greater Fort Wayne area. We are committed to community-scale composting—which means finding solutions that meet various communities’ needs. We keep food scraps out of the landfill where they become methane gas—an accelerant contributing to climate breakdown. Composting reclaims nutrients and puts them back in circulation in the communities where food scraps are generated. We offer individual, business, and community services for food scrap pick up and drop off.


STEP 1: You subscribe to one of our services. We provide you with a bucket and starter bags.

STEP 2: You fill the bucket with any of these things.

STEP 3: You put your bucket out for pick up / or / you take your bucket to one of our drop off sites.

STEP 4: We gather the food scraps and take them to our permitted composting site—the only one in the area!

STEP 5: Your food scraps are added to the others we gather. They are premixed with carbonaceous materials. Next, they are blended into one of our large windrows.

Our goal is to help move Fort Wayne to its carbon-neutral future by fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and regenerative economic activity.