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Plastic Film Recycling


Many types of plastic bags, such as those used for groceries, produce, newspapers, sandwiches, and even some cereals, can be recycled through Dirt Wain's plastic pickup program. With this program, you can help reduce the amount of plastic waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.




All items must be clean and dry.

If plastic film in your pick up bag is wet or dirty, we won't take it. You will need to remove the dirty or wet items for pick up the following time.


Only include accepted types of plastic.

See the gallery below to learn which types of plastic bags and film are accepted for pick up. We do not accept any plastic containers, even if they are made of the same kinds of plastic. Use your municipal or county recycling for these items.


No prewash salad bags or degradable bags

Do not put prewash salad bags in your collection bag. We do not take biodegradable, or compostable bags when we collect your films.


Preparing your bags for pick up

Use a shopping bag, or other bag that meets our recycling guidelines, to gather all your films and bags and tie it to your bucket or bin. If we only pick up bags, and not compost, from you, then use a heavy item like a brick to weigh the bags down.

Look for these symbols

Low Density Poly-Ethylene
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