Yoga and Compost at Salomon Farm Park

Yoga and Compost at Salomon Farm Park

in January 25, 2020

This free event is possible through a partnership between Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation, Dirt Wain, and Living Yoga LLC.

This event is for ages 16+. The program is free, but space is limited to 30 people and pre-registration is required. Register at or by calling 260.427.6000 and use code 153600.

For this free program Living Yoga LLC will kick us off with a gentle yoga class that is appropriate for all levels, beginner to advance. There will also be an option to participate while seated in a chair if preferred. Please bring your own yoga mat.

Immediately following yoga Dirt Wain will offer a short presentation on the basics of composting. Learn the dos and don’ts of composting, get all your questions answered, and learn how Dirt Wain and Salomon Farm Park have teamed up to do the dirty work of composting for residents!

Both yoga and earth care ask us to be observant participants in the world around us, to be mindful of how we are living and our impact on the world. Are you overwhelmed with all the things you should be doing to be a good steward to the earth and your fellow humans? Reducing our waste, including food waste being sent to landfills, is a good place to start but home composting can feel overwhelming to many. Good news! Dirt Wain, a local composting initiative, removes many of the obstacles. In yoga we create space in the mind and body and begin to experience our connection to everything around us.

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