Subscriber Spotlight: Yellow Cup Coffee Roasters

Subscriber Spotlight: Yellow Cup Coffee Roasters

in November 20, 2021
Yellow Cup Coffee Roasters

We recently had the chance to talk with Mitch Smith, owner of Yellow Cup Coffee Roasters, about his experience composting with Dirt Wain. Yellow Cup is small batch roaster, focusing on ethically sourced and sustainable coffees, and composting was a natural fit for his business. Thanks for being part of the composting community, Yellow Cup! 

How long have you been composting with Dirt Wain?

I met Brett at a local composting function at Hop River before Dirt Wain was official because I had so many coffee grounds from cold brew that was bogging down my at home compost.  As soon as he went into business, I was a very early adopter (summer of 2019, if I recall correctly). 

How did you have to adjust your routine when you started composting?

No adjustment necessary as I was already trying to compost, although unsuccessfully.

Does it matter to you if a company composts?  

It absolutely does to me!  I only try to spend my money at local businesses who focus on sustainability

What would you want people to know about composting that they might not already know?

It’s harder to do on your own than you think, let a professional do it for you!

What’s the most unusual thing that you think you’ve composted?

Nothing unusual but I always enjoy seeing Dirt Wain posts on Instagram about what you can and what you cannot compost.  Most useful during the pandemic was sanitizing wipes that were required to clean all surfaces before and after use of our roasting space.  I felt horrible about putting them in the trash but then I saw they can be composted!

Are there any other sustainable practices you use in your business?

Like a lot of the coffee roasters doing things the right way, we take a lot of consideration into sustainability in our green coffee buying.  What I am most proud of though is our coffee bags are 100% compostable.  82 days in a well-balanced compost and poof, they are gone.  Very few other coffee roasters are doing this which I can never understand because it was easy and the right thing to do.

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Compost & Yoga Event

in February 28, 2020
Living Yoga
Kylee Hays of Living Yoga leading a yoga session

Last Saturday, February 22, we had a great turn out at Salomon Farm Park for an event that combined a session of yoga and a compost workshop. Both practices are about cultivating mindfulness about your body/self and your impact on the world. We look forward to future collaborations with Kylee Hays of Living Yoga for more yoga and compost events.

Many thanks to Kellie Adkins, from Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation, for hosting the event and for taking these photos.

Dirt Wain workshop on composting
Dirt Wain compost workshop
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Images from the Plastic Problem screening & discussion

Images from the Plastic Problem screening & discussion

in February 11, 2020
Talking about Dirt Wain
Talking about Dirt Wain

There was a great turn out on Saturday morning, February 8, for the screening of “The Plastic Problem” and a follow up discussion. We highly recommend watching the documentary if you get a chance. It is a harrowing story about how plastic has spread to every place on our planet from the bottom of the sea, miles down, to giant gyres in the world’s oceans. We need dramatic action to eliminate plastic. This documentary prepares you to understand what an epic task this will be.

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2019 Allen County Sustainability Awards

2019 Allen County Sustainability Awards

in December 28, 2019

Dirt Wain is honored to have received an award from the Allen County Department of Environmental Management. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the recognition of our work, especially since we are such a new business. ACDEM has been supportive of our work from the start. They are incredible advocates for sustainable practices.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Allen County Sustainability Awards! We appreciate you taking the extra steps to help preserve natural resources in our community for future generations. 🏆 ♻️

The winners in each category:

🏆 Reduce: Larry Graf, volunteer food rescuer with the Food Rescue US – Fort Wayne (a program of Food Rescue US). Larry has put in many hours meeting with donors and recipients to establish relationships as well as driving many deliveries of good food that would have otherwise gone to landfill.

🏆 Reuse: Grassroots Baby has made many families more aware of and given access to reusable products instead of disposables. Nominations from grateful parents said they were able to reduce their child’s environmental footprint because of this store.

🏆 Recycle: Samantha Vance, founder of Buddy Benches at age 9, continues to inspire and empower kids to save plastic caps, recycle them into benches, and be kind to those who need a friend. Buddy Benches have encouraged recycling of thousands of pounds of plastic.

🏆 Compost: Dirt Wain is a new business that converts food scraps to nutrient-rich compost. It includes drop-off and pick-up services for residents and businesses in several zip codes. This model keeps food scraps from the landfill where they produce methane gas, and instead creates a valuable soil amendment.

🏆 Combination: Pembroke Bakery & Cafe takes great care to reduce waste in all ways possible. They are mindful of upstream sources for their products, reusable wares are provided for eating in, and carryout items are recyclable or compostable. They recycle or compost almost everything and produce little trash.

Allen County Department of Environmental Management
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