Subscriptions & Services

Dirt Wain turns Fort Wayne’s food scraps into compost. We offer our services to households, businesses, communities, and for events. Choose from the services listed below for food scrap pick up or drop off. You have the option of a monthly or yearly subscription.

We provide quotes for businesses. See the menu below to request a quote and to see some of the other businesses we serve.

Household & Community Subscriptions

Subscription Overview

You have many choices on how you can best work to reduce your environmental impact through composting. Visit this page to to find the one that best fits your goals.

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Follow the link below to go directly to all the subscriptions we offer for annual or monthly, pick up and drop of of your food scraps, compostables, and yard waste.

Business & Other Services

We offer customized services to businesses. Follow the link below to request a quote from us.

We offer composting services for big and small events. Follow the link below to get a quote from us to cover your event.