PooPeePet | Pet Waste Pick Up

PooPeePet | Pet Waste Pick Up

in February 2, 2022


Compost your pet waste using our pick up service. We will pick up dog and cat waste, including compostable litter.

Current subscribers can select “Add On” options and don’t need to log in. New subscribers should choose the options that are “New”.


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What you get with your subscription:

  • Weekly pet waste pick up
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • 4 starter bags

You need to use compostable bags to contain and seal the pet waste before putting it in the bucket. Cat litter must be compostable. It should be completely sealed in a compostable bag. We do not pick up loose pet waste and litter. We will leave buckets full if they are not prepared properly.

We do not provide a new bucket each week. You will keep your bucket and make sure it is clean. Bagging waste properly will dramatically reduce cleaning work. We want to minimize our composters’ contact with the waste so it does not effect our other composting efforts. We appreciate your understanding.

To avoid any contamination, we keep pet waste separate from our food scrap and yard waste composting. All pet waste is handled in a different facility. The compost that results is not immediately suitable for raising vegetables. It will breakdown through managed piles and be left to cure for 1 year.

Check this list for acceptable cat litter. If you do not see your compostable litter on this list, please contact us.

We pick up pet waste from Fort Wayne, Hunter Town, Roanoke, Huntington, Wabash, North Manchester, South Whitley, New Haven, and Columbia City.

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