Prairie & Compost Demonstration Site

One our subscribers, Katie Fellman, donated a city lot in the Northside neighborhood of Fort Wayne to be used to support Dirt Wain’s efforts. Our long term plans are to turn the site into a demonstration prairie, compost, and garden site, making the connection between composting, healing the soil, remediating, and restoring Indiana landscapes. It will be developed as a place to build community and awareness.

We have partnered with Blue Heron Ministries, a non-profit organization that conserves and protects native landscapes. They are leading the design and development of the planting of native species. Dick’s Organics will be providing long term support and fruit and nut bushes for the site.

The site will be used for free workshops on native plants, composting, gardening, soil remediation, and healing land.

  • Cash donations to Blue Heron for use on the site to purchase native seeds and seedlings
  • Volunteers
  • Gravel
  • Field stones
  • Lumber
  • Old hinges, hasps, eye & hook latches
  • Deck and wood screws
  • Gardeners
  • Garden tools
  • Work gloves

    Climate Compost

    Climate Compost

    Talking with our kids about the changing climate and big social issues like environmental racism is challenging. As our children grow and become more aware of the world, we want them to feel empowered to act, and not immobilized by fear and sadness. After many discussions, we came up with the idea together of Climate Compost, a project that allows us to work together as a family to fight climate breakdown and support people and communities we care about.

    Profits from the sales of Climate Compost will be donated to organizations fighting climate breakdown and environmental racism.