Dirt Wain [1] is dedicated to community-scale composting gathering food scraps and turning them into soil. Brett Bloom started Dirt Wain LLC in 2019. Building community and giving folks a strong sense that they are a part of something important is at the core of Dirt Wain’s mission. Communities around Fort Wayne need composting solutions that fit their specific needs. Dirt Wain provides its services to households, condo-associations, unique neighborhood organizations, and businesses of various sizes. Keeping food scraps out of landfills is critical as it saves space, reclaims valuable nutrients, and helps reduce methane emissions, a key driver in the climate crisis.

Bloom has a decades-long commitment to environmental problem solving. He has formal training as an artist (Bachelor of Arts, Indiana University, Bloomington, 1993; Master of Fine Arts, University of Chicago, 1996). Bloom considers himself an artist in residence at his own business. What this means is that not only does he take a creative approach to running his business and solving various composting problems and needs, but is dedicated to contributing to the visual culture of Fort Wayne in order to provide the unique sense of place that is increasingly important as the city revives economically and culturally.

[1] A wain is a large open farm wagon.